Eat & Drink

Restaurants, vineyards, markets, fairs, typical dishes and drinks up to cooking TV-show – the Teleweb-category “Eat and Drink” shows the variety of the typic majorquin as well as international cuisine you can get know and taste during your stay on Majorca. So – Bon profit!

Es Baluard, Museum of Modern Art

Es Baluard – the bastion – is the reference museum of Palma de Mallorca. Situated in a unique tourist enclave, it gathers together an important contemporary art collection.

Puerto Portals, the VIP Port

Puerto Portals was born in 1932 on the table of an artist. The difference it has with natural ports is that it is not used for the loading and unloading of merchandise and therefore

Alaró, Idyllic Town

Alaro has always had plenty of water and possibly owes its origin to the source of Ses Artiques located on the old road to Orient, next to the district of the same name, which is one of the oldest in the region.

Fritters: Sweet Tradition

Fritters can be eaten at any time of year on Mallorca but are most popular during the “festivity of the virgins” at the end of October when the famous “day of the virgins” is celebrated

Alaró Castle

One of the most spectacular excursions that can be made in the beautiful mountainous area of Mallorca is a visit to the castle of Alaró. It can only be reached on foot…

Pa amb oli, a meal for the wise

The popular dish “Pa amb oli”, (pronounced plm bowly), just like ensaïmada or paella, is known as a national delicacy. Literally translated “Pa amb oli” means “bread with oil”, it’s as simple as that…

Aloe Vera, a Fashionable Tradition

The discovery of Aloe Vera goes back to the beginning of mankind. The first people to understand the effects and benefits of this plant were the ancient Chinese. Although in ancient Egyptian culture there are references to it as the plant of immortality.