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Ximbombes and Ximbombers

If there is a musical instrument that defines the sound of Majorcan culture it is the ximbomba, a traditional, rustic drum-like instrument.

Puerto Portals, the VIP Port

Puerto Portals was born in 1932 on the table of an artist. The difference it has with natural ports is that it is not used for the loading and unloading of merchandise and therefore

Fritters: Sweet Tradition

Fritters can be eaten at any time of year on Mallorca but are most popular during the “festivity of the virgins” at the end of October when the famous “day of the virgins” is celebrated

On Saxophone: Norbert Fimpel

Blue Hour in Port Adriano, Norbert Fimpel on Saxophone and Teleweb+ there with the camera – a successful combination! Watch the Interview with Norbert Fimpel here in Teleweb+ …

Way of the Cross

On Good Friday, on the stairways of the Cathedral of Palma, La Seu, you may see a very particular play of Christ’s “Via Crucis” or Way of the Cross, the dramatic moments on the road to Calvary and the crucifixion of Jesus..

Almond Blossom Mallorca Impressions

During Mallorca’s white winter from the end of January until the middle of March the beautiful almond blossom covers the fields and mountains of Tramuntana as well as the Eastern Llevante Coast of the Island..