Mallorca Products

“Mallorca Products” shows videos of the best and the most famous mallorquin products. And you can also buy many of them on-line in Shop Teleweb+

Brodat, Majorcan Embroidery

There was a time when Mallorca was a strategic point for the shipping routes that crossed the Mediterranean. Then the embroidered maps began to be put in ships because

Ximbombes and Ximbombers

If there is a musical instrument that defines the sound of Majorcan culture it is the ximbomba, a traditional, rustic drum-like instrument.

Water Searchers of Mallorca

Water searchers have been existing in the island of Mallorca for ages. In many towns of the island, there are still water searchers, so this job is going to persist in the future

Fritters: Sweet Tradition

Fritters can be eaten at any time of year on Mallorca but are most popular during the “festivity of the virgins” at the end of October when the famous “day of the virgins” is celebrated

Pa amb oli, a meal for the wise

The popular dish “Pa amb oli”, (pronounced plm bowly), just like ensaïmada or paella, is known as a national delicacy. Literally translated “Pa amb oli” means “bread with oil”, it’s as simple as that…

Aloe Vera, a Fashionable Tradition

The discovery of Aloe Vera goes back to the beginning of mankind. The first people to understand the effects and benefits of this plant were the ancient Chinese. Although in ancient Egyptian culture there are references to it as the plant of immortality.

Siurell, the Magical Whistle from Mallorca

When the little figure from Siurell sprang forth magical powers were attributed to this little whistle. For some time the winds of Mallorca instilled fear in the islands inhabitants, they were uncontrollable forces of nature

“Panades” & “Robiols”, Mallorcan Pastries

Since ever, religious festivities have had a lot of repercussion in the islands. The “panades” and “rubiols” are an example of this. Although nowadays they are consumed throughout the year