Top Visits

In the category “Top Visits” we present to you landmarks which are a must-see on Majorca. The average stay on the island is only 10 days – that is why it is worth to know in advance what waits for you on site. And can you inform yourself better than through seeing, hearing and reading? So have fun with Teleweb videos and see you soon on Majorca!

Es Baluard, Museum of Modern Art

Es Baluard – the bastion – is the reference museum of Palma de Mallorca. Situated in a unique tourist enclave, it gathers together an important contemporary art collection.

Alaró, Idyllic Town

Alaro has always had plenty of water and possibly owes its origin to the source of Ses Artiques located on the old road to Orient, next to the district of the same name, which is one of the oldest in the region.

Alaró Castle

One of the most spectacular excursions that can be made in the beautiful mountainous area of Mallorca is a visit to the castle of Alaró. It can only be reached on foot…

Martí Vicenç Museum in Pollensa

Pollensa invites to many things. The natural environment is marvellous, the city is full of passages to explore and art lovers can also amuse themselves

Weekly market in Son Ferrer

Der Hafen von Sóller ist ein kleiner Naturhafen, der sich in den letzten Jahren zu einem grossen Sporthafen entwickelt hat. Er ist ein bevorzugter Ort der Sportschiffer

Puerto de Soller: Mountains & Sea

The port of Sóller is a small natural port that over the last few years has become a large marina. It is one of the favourite places in the north coast of Mallorca for sailers as there are plenty of restaurants and shops.