Destination Mallorca

In “Destination Mallorca” we present the Island not only as a tourism destination, but also as a country. Not only beaches and hotels and restaurants, also tradition, culture, holidays and feasts, markets and fairs, people, industry, towns and villages, handcraft, manners.. you have to come to see it all for yourself, in our videos we can only show you a part of the treasure called Mallorca! On holidays or on business, with family or friends, with or without children, Mallorca has always something to offer..

Mallorca 5 years ago – do you remember?

During Mallorca’s white winter you can see from the end of January until the middle of March the beautiful almond blossom. It means always, except for the February, 4th 2012, the day that for sure will enter in the Island´s history: snow on the sea level, the beach white, snowmen of all kind are being build and the join is great although short. Untill now we had on this place a typical video of snow in the Tramuntana Range of Mountains near Lluc, the one you are seeing now is from the beaches of Santa Ponsa and Costa de la Calma… vaya…