Ximbombes and Ximbombers

1:50 min.

If there is a musical instrument that defines the sound of Majorcan culture it is the ximbomba, a traditional, rustic drum-like instrument.

The ximbombas are instruments that have livened up local gatherings and fiestas for a long time. It is said that this is a modest instrument because, even people who are poor have a pot, some leather and a cane to make a ximbomba.

The ximbombas are particularly used in January during the traditional fiestas of Sant Antoni.

Today, they are still traditionally hand-made and some of the people that manufacture them are able to make between one thousand and three thousand instruments a year.

The products are exhibited in fairs on the island such as in the Fira del Fang, or the annual clay fair Marratxí. Even supermarkets sell the craft work made by the potters.