Michael Douglas Interview

Michael Douglas and Majorca are since 25 years to be pronounced together. Introduced to the island by his former wife Diandra, Michael Douglas enjoys every year from his house S´Estaca near Deià the atmosphere of the “magical island” with his family: Catherine Zeta-Jones and their 2 children. You can meet them on the golf course, on one the beaches, sailing or listening to music during one of the summer concerts in Costa Nord.

Not only participated Michael Douglas actively in the promotion of the Balearic Islands (World Travel Marked in London 2004, ITB in Berlin 2005, Warsaw 2006), the Oscar-winner even presented in Deia his brand new film. We were there to interview him for the second time (first time in 1999 in Costa Nord) and he could even remember, wow!

Interview: Hanna Christensen