Els Calderers, museum and manor

Majorca´s old palaces and manors are really wonderful for the eyes of architects and lover of tasteful Ambientes. Today we walk by the building Els Calderers in the municipality of San Juan.

Already from the broad entrance you´ll see a cultivated garden with a decorative fountain and a sundial. The rooms and halls go out from the entrance hall and fascinate with their clear and simple line, however, with tasteful arrangements. To give an impression of the solid life, here a young Majorcan woman in the national costume of the island. Furniture with valuable carvings, chairs and armchairs with high-quality material give you a small impression of the wealth which was acquired by the squires.

In a lot of manors of Majorca and in Els Calderers as well, there is a chapel for the services in the familiar circle. This chapel was consecrated by the bishop of Majorca. The altar is made from marble, the ornaments are gilded. In the cellar spaces of the manor house caskets are filled with the wine from own vineyards. Already in bottles the best wines of Els Calderers. The copper kettles which were used by the cellarman to work are still in good condition.

Then we go up in the first floor. There is the big hall decorated with sandstone. Portraits about the desk complete the hall which was used at the same time as a workroom. For familiar parties the big table with place for 18 guests already covered with fine china. Coming from the main building, the way leads us in the perfectly furnished workroom in which not only the tools are to be seen for the farm work but also the glasses with home-made marmalade and the real Majorcan tomatoes.

On the manor Els Calderers in the municipality San Juan the time seems to have stopped. Everything is perfect, so as if the squire emerged constantly again and walk by his broadminded halls.