Llampuga, The Golden Mackerel

1:29 min.

Since the middle of August and until the 30th of November, the authorised fishermen are allowed to catch the Golden mackerel. During this period, it can be found in the Mediterranean Sea and especially around the Balearic Islands. The Majorcan name for the fish is Llampuga and during the mentioned period of time, various dishes with Golden mackerel can be found on the menus of the island’s restaurants.

These fishes use to gather around floating objects and that’s why special nets of approximate 200m length and 22m width are used in order to catch them. The nets are meant to sustain the objects thrown by the fishermen from the shore. The Golden mackerel – Coryphaena Hippurus – surround the object and the fishermen’s task is only to pull up the net and get the capture.

In order to promote the sale and consume of this fish type a “new” tradition has been started in Cala Ratjada, at north-east of the island; the Llampuga fair. Lots of tables are laid in the harbour during the fair, where one can taste around 22 delicious Llampuga-dishes, enjoying at the same time the ever lasting sunshine of the island.