Anglada Camarasa: The painter

1:06 min.


Painters search for inspiration in distinct ways: Joan Miró as an example looked for it in Paris. Another painter, the artist Hermen Anglada Camarasa did the same before returning to Mallorca for good at the age of 41. His most beautiful pictures can be admired in permanent exhibition at the Fundación La Caixa in the heart of Palma.

His best moments and works are regarded as having been created in Paris where he lived from 1894 till 1909. After this Parisian stage the following works of the Mallorcan artist were not inferior to anything that went before and he created numerous great works between the years 1946 and 1959 in which year he passed away in Pollensa.

The Museum La Caixa in Gran Hotel in Palma has a selection of 17 oil paintings and 26 drawings on paper on permanent exhibition. In another room of the gallery works that the Foundation has been able to acquire from the painters daughter and restore are on display, preserved in all their beauty. Every year, new aspect of the work Camarasas has been added (entrance to the expositions: 4€/person).

Museum Gran Hotel
Foundation “La Caixa”
Plaça Weyler, 3
Palma de Mallorca