Sports Center Son Moix


Living in Mallorca and want to stay fit!? Now there is no problem! For those that are inclined there are many sports centres at their disposal, for example Son Moix! (Not to be confused with the football stadium formerly of the same name.)

The Palace of sports that is Son Moix is compared with other sports centres of the city extraordinarily varied. Having opened in 1997, it has over the years been continually expanded and improved.
Well viewed from an architectural perspective not everybody finds the enormity of its concrete structure pleasing to the eye, but the relaxation and fun to be found inside the enormous pavilion containing not one but two swimming pools is undeniable! It is possible to simply go for a swim or you can take part in one of the many courses on offer.

As well as swimming for babies, tennis, fitness and aquatic gymnastics Son Moix offers yoga, artistic gymnastics and athletics programs. Fencing and spring boarding are also included in what is undeniably an ample program.