Botanic Garden in Sóller

The Botanic Gardens of Soller, surrounded by an admirable landscape is a unique experience for any lover of nature that one should not miss. Teleweb has visited it for you.

The Gardens opened in 1992 to the public. For those interested in the botanics’ of the Balearics the gardens offer a great variety of trees and bushes typical of the Mediterranean climate. For nature lovers this garden is Eldorado: in this location surrounded by the hills of the Serra de Tramuntana it is an exceptional landscape. In this golden valley, Sóller of the oranges, the visitor is save from the hectic life outside the green paradise.

The various old building house The museum of Natural Sciences that contains the legacy of the well known scientist Guillem Colom. This geologist from Sóller was born at the beginning of the past century in 1900 and he passed away in 1993 leaving a legacy of 5,000 letters, the scientific descriptions of almost 20,000 microscopic studies and an ample library all bequeathed to the Museum of Natural Sciences in Sóller.