Trotting races

The form of horse racing known as Trotting, or “Trot” in the local Mallorquín is one of the most important sports in Mallorca after soccer: Even on this small Island its regular fans number more than 25,000! Every weekend a good number of these enthusuiasts and of course the horses’ gather together at the racetrack or Hipodrome to enjoy the excitement of the races. When the pistol shot cracks and the horses leap forward the crowds vibrate with emotion during each and every race! Everybody has his favourite horse to which he happily shouts encouragement and of course, on which he bets!

Regardless it´s not that much money can be won on these races it’s the love of the Trotons, a noble breed of horse raised to Trotting and only to be found in the Balearics that the fans, with a pure love for their sport, are dedicated to. There are a multitude of stables, mainly in the east of Mallorca, in which these enthusiastic sportsmen prepare their horses for the race at the track.

The most important race within this sport is The Grand National Prize, indeed the greatest and most prestigious race of the year, which normally takes place on the third weekend of May. Only horses born in Spain, of three years of age and who have never won a race before are eligible.  The winner of the Grand Prize each year will enter the annals of Trot History!

On the Island there are two great Hipodromes dedicated to Trot – one in Palma de Mallorca and the other in Manacor.