Knives from Consell

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The knives of Consell are one of the oldest handcrafted products on the island and are still today made in the small blacksmiths of the town using the furnace and the anvil. The country folk use them daily in their fields and orchards and though the knives are not stainless steel their blades are excellent and they are sharpened very easily.

All types of blades are created, anything that cuts, from a penknife to a carving knife in many different sizes and models all can be found at the various weekly markets on the island.  Calmly dare to enter an old Ferreteria, or hardware store in the villages or the old part of Palma and you may purchase some knives of Consell as original holiday souvenirs.  Also these knives in no way diminish a kitchens elegant table setting in fact they may enhance it.

  • Jill S.

    Where can I find them?