Mallorca´s traditional textiles

In Pollença and Santa María del Camí there are still workshops that make cloth with handriven looms.  Its uniqueness is in the warp of colourful threads, dyed in paste or earth baths, and their original ornamental designs. The bosses for the distribution of each unique warp guard well the secrets of each workshop for generations.

The threads of the handwoven cloths are always white, meanwhile the width of the cloth is limited due to the structure of the looms and therefore the handwoven material cannot exceed 80 or at best a 100cms. Its typical of Mallorcan woven material that linen and cotton are mixed but sometimes silk and linen are also mixed. The mix of cotton and linen creates great strength and good wear for machine washing. By the way, woven cloth is recognisable because the front and back of the cloth always show the design with the same colour whereas if printed one side is more saturated.