Caves of Campanet

Cuevas de Campanet
Motorway Palma-Alcudia, Salida 37
Campanet, Mallorca
Tel. +34 971 516 130

On the motorway Palma-Alcudia, the second exit behind Inca (Exit 37) leads you directly to “COVES” – the Caves of Campanet. There you´ll find a cosy bar with a marvellous terrace, the most beautiful view of the splendid Sant Miquel-Valley ad then of cource the most important: the Caves of Campanet, a geologic treasure.

Caves of Campanet extend to the total area of 3.200 m2 and 400 m of total length. The round tour takes about 40 min. and guides through numerous galleries and spacious halls, which cut themselves into the mesozoic lime. Deep grottos were formed from the permanent erosion of the underground water. Today they show an overwhelming glory of crystal clear Stalactites and Stalagmites, which attract a special attention through their slender form and bright coloration.

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