Aloe Vera, a Fashionable Tradition

The discovery of Aloe Vera goes back to the beginning of mankind. The first people to understand the effects and benefits of this plant were the ancient Chinese. Although in ancient Egyptian culture there are references to it as the plant of immortality.

Fortunately for us, this plant grows in warm places. Here, in Mallorca, it has grown in wild areas for ages. Known worldwide, nowadays it is in great demand in the field of beauty and medicine.

The aloe has some features that are very prized in the cosmetic world. It has a lot of benefits when applied to skin and can remove impurities, open pores, regenerate cells and prevent stretch marks. As for medicine, it is an excellent natural antiseptic; it relieves muscular pain, calms the nerves and has a great antibacterial action.

In short, Aloe Vera is a plant so perfect that it contains, according to what they say, magic in it.