Bodega Miquel Oliver in Petra

In crossing the threshold you enter a typical living room of a village house. At the bottem of a staircase you go up to the tasting room, on your right a small, age-old door opens and you are left amazed at the sight of a huge winery built in 1868.

You have just entered the home of the family Oliver and the Bodega Miquel Oliver in Petra. Petra aswell known as the birthplace of Fray Juniper Serra, the founder of cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco in California. The vineyards of the Bodega Miquel Oliver are only a stone’s throw from Petra. You would think it was a garden, such is the care lavished on each of the vines.

Falling within the Pla i Llevant Denomination of Origin in Majorca, Miquel Oliver was the first who brought the island the first national recognition of its wines.

Miquel Oliver was also a pioneer in marketing a dry Muscat, an original, different blend which was elected the best white wine in Spain by the Spanish Association of Wine Waiters.
At present the double act of oenologists Pilar Oliver, daughter of Miquel Oliver, and her husband Jaume Olivella are working on new projects supported by their two most recent creations: Ses Ferritges and Aia. Two oenological jewels which are soon to have new brothers, the upshot of exhaustive work.

They have gained many accolades, most recently from “Decanter” magazine, a prestigious UK publication specialising in the sector which recently staged one of the largest Spanish wine-tastings with more than 500 wines. The monovarietal merlot Aia was ranked fourth.
“Wein Gourmet”, the prestigious German oenological magazine, bears testimony to the rise and rise Miquel Oliver, placing it right at the top of Majorican wine-growing and recommending a visit to its premises for the great architectural beauty of the winery as well for the taste of its original wines.