Cheese and Sobrassada Route

5:05 min.

Here we invite you to taste with us cheese and sobrasada, a typical Majorcan sausage consisting of minced pork seasoned with salt and ground pepper.

In many towns you will find details about the agriculture products of the Balearics in a promotional brochure. You can taste the delicious typical products of Bon Gust Good Taste.

We start with the cheese factory “Formatges s’Atalaia“, located in the south of the island near to Llucmajor. Here, the effort is focused on keeping the craft production of sheep and goat’s cheese high. There are historical documents about this estate that date back to 1407.

The country estate of is over 304 hectares (or 751 acres) and is situated 8 kilometres from Llucmajor in the Marina de Llucmajor – the coastal area of Llucmajor, in the direction of S’Estanyol,

We continue in the south of Mallorca, to near Campos. The 60 black and white Friesan cows from the north of Holland that belong to the Burgueras family produce 1000 litres of milk per day, which is the best and most important raw material to make good cheese. 80 kilos of cheese are produced daily. Without a doubt, you must also taste the cottage cheese. The country estate “Formatges Ca’n Burguera” is situaded on the road between Campos and Colonia Sant Jordi, 10 kilometres from Campos. It is open on Saturdays between 9 and 1 and from 3 till 6pm

The famous Majorcan sobrasada is usually made with white pig. Sobrassada made from Black pig is considered a special delicacy.  It is served well in “Ca’n Manxa”, in Felanitx, Calle Pare Auli, 13.

1 kilometre from Felanitx, in the direction of Porrerres, we find another factory where they make the typical sausages, as well as fresh meat. “Ramaders Agrupats”,. Of course, we recommend that you taste sobrasada.. Here you will also discover the Majorcan cheese flavour of “Ca’n Roig”.

After this tasting, we head to the northeast. In Sóller, we make another stop at “Embutidos La Luna”. Here try all the range of all the delicious cold meats of Mallorca, especially the sobrasada and the delicate pâtés. but also the small blood sausage butifarrón and the dark camaiot made from lean meat and many spices.

The last stop of our route is in Artà, in “Ca’n Balaguer”, Calle Gran Via de la Constitució, 55, where again we will taste the white and Iberian pig sobrasada.

We hope you have fun and enjoy tasting all the delicious meats of Mallorca.