Dry walls: Ancient Tradition

When traveling through the Majorcan countryside you will see light coloured stone walls bordering many local roads. If you look closely at them you will discover their secret.

The stones used to construct these typical walls are selected from nearby plots or brought from local the quarries. The marger, – the quarryman -, places them one on top of the other. The shape of each stone determines the random way that it is placed so, the job is a kind of puzzle. The biggest stones are placed at the lower part and constitute the base for the external wall, whereas the centre is filled with smaller ones. The wall masterpiece is crowned with a prime particularly nice, big and round stone.

The real art consists of not using any mortar among the stone layers, which are based and held by each other. If a wall falls down or is damaged because of a traffic accident, the stones will scatter on the road. Then, its reconstruction is a difficult matter because wall builders are difficult to find and, unfortunately, more and more the tendency is to substitute the old stone walls by modern wire fences. However, this kind of wall is very common in the Majorcan landscape and, under the light of dusk, they are simply stunning…