Dijous Bo, “Good Thursday” Fair in Inca – 14.11.2019

Not every day is a good day. But you can be sure that the second or third Thursday of November on Majorca will be a “good Thursday” – or at least it is in Inca. Dijous Bo, it’s Majorca’s most renowned fair, and it is organized in a city that is known for leather-merchandise and shoe-industry.

Inca finishes its traditional Herbstkirmes, whose origin goes back to 1543, and finishes with the Dijous Bo. It is about a series of fairs, that starts on Sunday after Saint Lukas in October and includes the three following Sundays. The fourth Sunday there’s no fair-day, but the Thursday of the next week is called the Dijous Bo.

On this big fair is as good as everything to find, from handicraft until industry-products, including a big country-machine-exhibition. Also animals give to buy it there, and it is organized livestock-competitions, in which outstanding copies are introduced. The number of the exhibitors is very high, as well like the selection at products, so that real streams of people, that one cannot escape the Dijous Bo, meet here every year. independently from the weather.

The event-program begins already several days with numerous and versatile suggestions for each public previously. Is a painting-competition, a chess-tournament and the Rallye Dijous Bo from it to accentuate.

A parking place, to find in Inca on this day. even the good Thursday is not sufficiently good for it – the train, to recommend here by all means, is. You find the railway station of the Spanish place (Plaça d’Espanya) in the heart of Palma.