Handmade Glass

1:35 min.

You may not take much notice of it but there is glass is all around us; windows, vases, mirrors, spectacles and cars, amongst many other things. For some people glass is art. In the creation of glass, talent and skill come together to create unique items. If it is fascinating looking at a slender glass, to imagine that glass figures can be blended into each other or even that colour can be added to make amazing shapes. The glass produced in Mallorca is famous world-wide and is exported to Belgium, France and Germany. Naturally, as in many other crafts, there are several techniques for home-produced glass, but glass blowing is the most remarkable. Whilst here on the island you can visit various glass making factories. Why do not take a piece of brightly coloured glass? If you like and admire the glassmakers skill you will find plenty of variety here on Mallorca.