Krekovic Museum in Majorca


The Krekovic Museum is named thus because of the Vienna born artist, who settled in Mallorca, who captured the culture, customs and traditions if Mallorca in his oil paintings.

Kristian Krekovic was born on 28th February, 190, the son of a forest ranger and hunter of the Vienna court. From childhood he showed a great interest in painting. In Vienna, he discovered the great masters, as well as his own vocation. His artistic training was reflected in his hard work.

After finishing his studies in the Viennese school he travelled to Paris, where he completed his training in the art school. In 1928, he was awarded with a gold medal and an honours diploma in the International Art Exhibition of Bordeaux. In 1960, he moved to Mallorca, where he settled permanently.

During the last 25 years before his death, he devoted his study to Spanish and Balearic art. The most outstanding episodes of the history and customs of Mallorca can be appreciated in his paintings.