Llatra: a Craft Job

The “llatra” is considered one of the craft jobs typical of this island. It consists of plaiting dry leaves from a type of local palm tree.

This tradition has survived thousands of years throughout the history of Mallorca and all the Majorcans have baskets made of this at home since ever. The art of plaiting, traditionally linked to women, has passed from generation to generation.

Baskets, bags and all products derived from the “llatra” have a high quality. Its toughness makes them resist a lot of weight, as well as the passing of time.

This leaf comes from a dwarf tree locally named “garballó”. It is a type of palm tree that has survived in the island. It is picked exclusively once in the year over the first two weeks of July. It can be found abundantly in the east coast of Mallorca and, above all, in the municipalities of Capdepera and Artà, where this tradition still survives.