Majorcan Shoes History

1:46 min.

The history of Majorcan shoes began back in the Middle Ages, when the shoe industry was one of the activities that drove the economy of Palma. It was in then that the Balearic Islands became known as the “shoe islands”.

Apart from the Majorcan people wearing them, the shoes made here were also exported to other countries.

The First World War caused a rise in the shoe industry and Mallorca, one of the main locations for their production, enjoyed a boom in this sector. In 1930, the shoe trade was founded in Inca.

In both good and bad times, Mallorca continues to be linked to the leather industry. Through trade with the rest of Europe and international commerce Mallorcan shoes are established as a reference in innovation, creativity and design.

There are also traditional shoes: sandals made of material with a rubber called Avarca. These are so comfortable and special that everybody in Mallorca has, at least one pair of them in the wardrobe. The headquarters of the shoe industry is in Inca. Here can be found the most prestigious, longest-standing shoemakers on the Island.

In fact there are so many different kinds of shows made on Mallorca – why not come and try some on for size?