Mallorca Museum reopens in Palma

Six years has it taken and did cost 7.5 million euros, but as from 24 July 2015, 14 rooms of the Museum of Mallorca in Palma Down Town open again – renovated and rebuilt. By 2017, the remaining rooms of the city palace Ayamans are expected to be completed. Mallorca Museum comprises in total of 1,200 square meters and more than 300 objects, from paintings and sculptures to ceramics and architectural finds.

Originally, Museum of Mallorca opened its doors in the Palacio Ayamans in 1968.  It is a window through which we can view the history of art, a treasure trove of archaeological discoveries, paintings, craftwork and antique furniture.

Many of the ceramic works of Mallorca are artistically undervalued and in contrast to that viewpoint one may see pieces by the ceramacists La Roquete on the second floor of the Museum. The plates, vases and jars are decorated in splendid colours and with great attention to detail.

A magnificent tiled wall, decorated with a marine landscape resembles a giant puzzle, uniting in a common work, boats, trees, a house, marine birds and a cane plantation with millimetre perfect attention to detail.

The vanguard of 20th Century artists are shown next to the works of Joan Junyer and Joan Fuster, pertinent to the Grup de Lluc Alcari.  Work by Hans Otto Poppelreuther, a watercolour of the town of Deía shows the village in a carefree time now gone by.  Nevertheless in this context there is also a portrait of the writer Robert Graves by the painter Archie Gittes from 1948 that is strangely severe.