Martí Vicenç Museum in Pollensa

2:29 min.

Pollensa invites to many things. The natural environment is marvellous, the city is full of passages to explore and art lovers can also amuse themselves. Apart from the Pollensa Museum, it is worth to visit the Martí Vicenç Museum – especially if you have not visited the factories of typical fabrics of Mallorca in Santa María.

Martí Vicenç Alemany was born in Pollensa in 1926 and he followed the steps of his family. His father, who was also a weaver, experimented with the fabric of llengües, a characteristic fabric of Mallorca that combines the white and blue or the green and red in a way as if these colours created tongue-shapes.

Around 1945, when the industry of Pollensa began to flourish after years of recession, he created the textile company Galeries Vicenç and developed a wide collection of textures with innovative ideas, although he kept the spirit of the llengües fabric.

Part of this craft production can be seen in the Martí Vicenç Museum, located at Ca’n Sionet, a building of the 17th century that formerly was part of a monastery. Its location is also special because it is situated in the beginning of the Calvari – Calvary –, a steep slope with 365 steps.

In this museum house can be visited all the rooms. The first of them is the loom room, where the most common instruments for the manufacturing of textiles are exhibited. In the middle of this room, there is an old loom with a warp still assembled and a launcher prepared to be used. Another of the interesting pieces is the hemp cutter that was used to extract cane fibre; or the sharpeners, with which the sheep line was spun. Among all the llengües fabrics of the artist stands out the one that received an award in 1980, at the International Fair of Vanguard Craftsmanship of Barcelona.