Costa Nord and Michael Douglas in Valldemossa

The Cultural Centre Costa Nord opened its doors to the public in the year 2000 and the project has since then become Mallorca à la Hollywood as the one and only Michael Douglas leads us on a trip through the Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorcas very own Sierra or Mountain range.

The documentary is a production of the centre itself and with Michael Douglas as the presenter and his oft actual presence, Costa Nord  attracts as many Majorcans as tourists.

That said Costa Nord has more to offer than “just” Michael Douglas;

For example there are the Noches Mediterráneas”, The Mediterranean Nights, a series of concerts organized every year in the centre.

To see these concerts, to participate is a privelage, firstly because the centre only hosts artists of worldwide fame who most likely otherwise would not be performing in Mallorca and secondly there is but a small amount of seats in the amphitheatre! Therefore completing the fact that you are present at something very unique & special.

Enjoy artists such as the latin musicians Compay Segundo, the great American singer Art Garfunkel, Van Morrison and many more in an intimate family atmosphere, sitting beside Oscar nominated actors!

It’s an experience that even the Royal family escapes to on their annual holidays in Mallorca.

In 2004 Michael Douglas sold the cultural centre to the Balearic Government.  But nevertheless both Michael and his wife Catherine Zeta continue to attend concerts and to hold press conferences at Costa Nord in Valldemossa.