Monastery of Montesión

Situated three and a half kilometres from Porreres is the monastery of Montesión. Along the way, there are seven pairs of gothic columns from the 15th century. They symbolized the seven joys, on one side, and on the other, the seven sorrows; however, not all them have survived and only some of them are still preserved.

In 1348, there was a boys school in the monastery that existed until it was secularization. In the 14th century a hermitage devoted to the protection of the Virgin of Mount Sión was built thanks to funding from two rich families of the area. In the Latin grammar school, the schoolchildren prepared to graduate to higher education.

Today, Montesión is a hostel with beds for pilgrims and tourists. During Santa Semana or Holy Week before Easter, the sanctuary becomes one of the most popular pilgrimage places in Mallorca.

From here the visitor has a wide view across Porreres to Manacor, located at the north-west. And to the southeast, you can see Campos and Felanitx.