Toy Museum in Sa Pobla

There have always been people that have had a passion for collecting toys. In 1998 the City Council of Mallorca opened a Unique toy museum for Mallorca in the Casa Can Planes in Sa Pobla.

The collection is one of the largest one might find of its kind. Over 4000 toys have been aquired by his founder, Tom Boig Clar, either in shops, flea markets or from individuals. Clar restored most of the treasures with the help of friends and neighbours.

The pieces of the exhibition are arranged by subject matter with one theme covering a huge surface, that of transport.  Buses, pedal bikes, tricycles, sports cars and race cars, trucks and vehicles of all types not forgetting of course trams and trains.

The toy houses have been rebuilt to scale with a particular attention to detail. They offer a window into a Mallorcan household, the bedroom, the living room, the childrens bedrooms, the great kitchen and the bathroom.  The collection is completed with valuable dolls including two of porcelain artistically adorned and from Sonneberg Turingia which were made almost 110 years ago.