“Turron” and Jam

Turron is a traditional dessert, not just in Mallorca, but also in the rest of Spain. It is a sweet pastry made of flour, sugar, egg white and almonds. Although you can enjoy it throughout the year, it is especially popular between December and January when it is produced and consumed in greater quantities. There is a lot of variety in taste and some of them are the result of secrets that are passed down from generation to generation. Others are made with in a new way. Some of the new ingredients incorporated over the last years include truffles, coconut, cream, chocolate or hazelnuts. Although in Mallorca, the almond-flavoured turron continues to be the favourite.

Jam is also as special as turron. The great variety of fruits that can be found on the island allows the production of local jam, which is even exported. Naturally, the best jam is home-made, but you can also find the best traditional jam in well-known vineyards and shops that sell typical products of the islands.