Ocarina, the Algaida Recorder

The ocarina from Algaida is a wind instrument similar to a recorder. It is such because its shape is similar to the head of a goose, or oca, and the sound it makes is truly amazing.

The history of this special instrument began in 18th century Italy, and it has been very popular since it arrived on Mallorca.

The ocarina is made with clay and its strange shape has not changed over the years. It is easy to use: you have to blow through a hole and, as with other wind instruments, you must put your fingers over more holes to change the pitch. The tones (C, D, E, F …) are made by the closing or opening of the other holes through the fingertips just like a with a flute, only easier.

Those who enjoy trying new musical skills should come to Mallorca, or rather, to Algaida, to discover this exotic instrument.