Olmos: pedestrian street in Palma

The Street known as “Calle Olmos” or “Elm Street” at first glance does not seem to deserve its name though at one time it seems that a great quantity of these trees did indeed exist on this street. It is told of, in a historical document that dates from the 22nd of June 1429 where it was decreed that it was forbidden to remove the branches of the Elm trees that lined the street

Now, like back then, Calle Olmos or Oms as its known in Catalan unites, with its gentle slope the higher part of the city, the commercial street of Sant Miquel to the lower street of flowers, Las Ramblas and down to El Paseo Borne, the Boulevard of Palma.

At the start of the 18th Century there was an active commercial life, the memory of which can still be felt today:  Furniture factories, cobblers, laundries… their inhabitants were described as modest and humble…an inheritance that continues into our present times.

On a stroll along this city thoroughfare, several cafés invite the visitor to take a short pause, a tranquility that was made possible by the pedestrianisation of the street at the start of the 90’s.  After his break the visitor is enticed by the street to make a purchase or maybe two!