Pa amb oli, a meal for the wise

2:09 min.

The popular dish “Pa amb oli”, (pronounced pam bowly), just like ensaïmada or paella, is known as a national delicacy.

Literally translated “Pa amb oli” means “bread with oil”, it’s as simple as that. Quick and easy to prepare, it is a humble combination of brown bread, scrubbed tomato, oil and salt. It may be simple to make, but that does not mean it has a simple taste.

There are variations on the basic Pa amb Oli such as adding garlic and fennel or leaving out the tomato. These varieties depend much on the area where the pa amb oli is made or on the particular tradition of each family. Pa amb Oli can be combined with salted or Iberian ham or with cheese and of course, you can eat it unadorned, just as it is, for lunch or for dinner.

Pa amb oli has become a sort of cultural tradition among the Majorcans. It is frequent to meet to prepare pa amb oli rather than having a coffee.

This simple meal can be found round every corner in Mallorca and in some restaurants it is served with olives as a starter.

And of course: enjoying pa amb oli in a Mallorcan beach is a dream come true.