Organic Products Route

Today, in our report, we are going to cross Mallorca from one end to the other. We are going to visit some bio country estates and taste products completely free from chemicals. This is the organic products route of Mallorca.

We start in Algaida. At the end of the Calle del Campanar we can find the winery “Vins Ca’n Majoral”, where the strict rules of ecology are followed. Here, we recommend you the “Blanc Butibalause” of 2000, a wine with a fruit bouquet and a fruit taste that has various grapes “Prensal”, the ones used for white wine in the island. If you prefer red wine, do not hesitate to taste a glass of vintage wine “Son Boig 2000.”

From Algaida we move to Llucmajor, because after tasting these wines our stomach asks for some solid food. The company Bio-Mallorca will offer us vegetarian hamburgers, organic croquettes or some pâté. The products of Bio-Mallorca are remarkable not only for their taste, but also for the presentation and decoration of fruits in syrup and preserved vegetables. You can buy these products at “Embutidos Escala”, in Calle Ronda Ponent, 66 , located between the road of S’Arenal and the one that goes in the direction of S’Aranjassa.

You can also buy some fresh, organic fruits and vegetables near Manacor. The products “Biel Oliver” belong to the agricultural cooperative “Es Vinyol”, located in the same road towards Felanitx. Just for you to find it easier, beside the petrol station there is the Camino de Son Fangos, at the kilometer 3, there is a sign that indicates the way to the cooperative.

In Capdepera it is worth to visit the bio country estate “Binefela”. Its cows belong to a special breed, which has horns. There are only 400 examples in the world. The production of fruits, vegetables and wheat is not just organic but also biodynamic. Home-made honey is particularly delicious. The country estate is located between Capdepera and Cala Ratjada, heading for Cala Mesquida, in the Camí de Cala Moltó.

Once in Petra, do not forget to visit the country estate “Sa Taulera”. You will enjoy the dairy products, vegetables and fruits organically grown.

After having some food and drink, we may thing at eating something sweet. In the cooperative “Camp Mallorquí”, in Consell, a healthy dessert is waiting for us: some dried fruits, such as Majorcan almonds and carob. In the past, carob was used to make syrup; nowadays, it is the most important ingredient for the famous liqueur “Palo”, which is a digestive. The cooperative is located at Avenida del Raiguer, 5, in the industrial estate of Consell.

Now, if you feel like having some good wine, we shall move to Santa María, to the winery “Jaume de Puntiró”, which is familiar to us because of our route Wines of Binissalem. This wine is made following the agricultural rules and, consequently, it is organic. One of its specialities is the Vi Dolç – Sweet Wine  –, which is a gold semi-sweet wine that ripens for 12 months in oak barrels, just to achieve its warm bouquet.

We cannot finish with this route without making a stop in Sóller. The country estate “Fet a Sóller” – made in Sóller – is known around the island by its variety of high-quality products: fig bread, honey, infusions, jams and dried tomatoes in olive oil. “Fet a Sóller” is located at Camí des Dragonar.