Santa Eugenia, authentic charm

3:32 min.

It has now been more than a century since archduke Luis Salvador directed his steps from Consell to Santa Eugenia. We followed his trail as we visit this small town in the Pla, the central plain of Mallorca.

If you want to capture the authentic charm of Mallorca, Santa Eugenia is the right place to do it, as it offers much more than just a picturesque panoramic view of the plain. The town is situated 22km from Palma and gives a name to a more oriental area of the island

The 1500 inhabitants are distributed between its four villages, how they all came to be Santa Eugenia is a long story.

During the Moorish occupation of Mallorca, the island was divided into 13 districts called farmsteads. After king Jaume I defeated the Arabs in 1229 he divided the territory between his nobles and followers, using the existent Arab farmsteads as borders. The centre of the island, Benizabari farmstead, was handed to Bernat the saint of Eugenia, who named the town after himself.

During the Muslims occupation of the island some farms already existed, after their departure the inhabitants relocated to the centre of the town where you can now find the church. In the year 1317 the construction of a chapel began. In view of the expansion of the town in the eighteenth century a larger church was built.

Santa Eugenia has become a popular place for those who value tranquillity, but also the proximity to Palma. One of the locals favourite places is the cave of the statue of the Virgen of Lourdes. The 100 step climb up to the caves is a great opportunity for penitence. Every February a mass is celebrated in the caves, in a sacred place where popular religion and natural witchcraft mix together.

In 1978 the Jewish community of Mallorca founded a Jewish cemetery on the outskirts of the town, the only one on the island. Its wrought iron front door has been engraved with Hebrew characters.

In the Cas Pinar wineries they still press the grapes in the traditional manner. In the terrain that is almost 21 square kilometres grow a mass of well maintained vines belonging to the wine region of Benissalem. The winemaker at Cas Pinar will gladly invite you to taste his wine.

We hope our little report has aroused your interest in visiting Santa Eugenia, a lovely little town…