The Country Wine Route

3:49 min.

The country wine route – “Vins de la terra” is taking us to Andratx, Alaro and Inca today. These country wines are by no means to be classified as simple “table wines”. The fact that they do not receive a quality classification according to the certificate of origin “Denominació d’Origen”, because their stocks grow outside the two well known wine regions Binissalem and Pla i Llevant, do not at all imply them to be of a lesser standard.

You may test their quality for yourself at the vinyard Bodegues Santa Catarina in Andratx. Our recommendation are the 2002 White “Blanco” as well as the blush or rosé “Rosado”, and if you prefer red wine you should sample the fruity 2000 Merlot.

From Andratx we head to Alaro. The vines of the vinyard Castell Miquel are not yet being marketed in Mallorca, but are being exportet directly to Germany. You may taste the specially well rounded 2001 Castell Miquel red (tinto) and white (blanco).

Inca is home to one of the oldest vinyards in Mallorca, Son Bordils, with a reputation that reaches far beyond the island. Our special recommendation here is their white wine: the pure 2002 Chardonnay, a robust wine containing 13 percent alcohol. Furthermore the Muscadet of the same year, as well as the Mallorquin Blanc de Reim Blanc which is made from local Prensal grapes.

At the end of your tasting journey, you may be able to relate to what legend says: The real motives of King James 1st of Aragon for wanting to conquer Mallorca and take it out of the grip of  the Moors, was to own the Mallorcan vineyards.