Rambla Boulevard in Palma


”Nomen est omen” – true also in case of this boulevard in the heart of Palma de Mallorca more commonly known as the Rambla. Translated is mean a gully where rainwater flows.

In actuality this road deserves (and has) a nicer name as officially it has been called the Via Roma since the Civil War.

It is no surprise then to find a Roman soldier greeting us at the beginning of the pedestrian street. The boulevard created from a  river bed soon became an avenue and as history went on an Easter fair, the Fira de Ram, began to be celebrated here.

The remnants of this period are the souvenir shops and flower stalls, where you can find fresh flowers arranged in bouquets depending, of course, on the time of year.

It is true to say that this avenue is quieter than the Borne but it is not really silent, except in the convent of Santa Teresa, where Carmelite nuns still live in utter silence and isolation even today.

Another oasis of tranquillity is the Cultural Centre of Mercy, which has a garden well away from the hubbub of the Rambla as it is at the top of the street. This is a place where you can always stop for breath.

Flowers, cars and pedestrians fill the Rambla, which exhibits a charming contradiction between a somewhat faded elegance and the authentic charm of a Mediterranean city. This avenue in the heart of Mallorcas capital city  is worth a stroll.