Train to Soller: an unforgettable experience

1:47 min.

Find travelling by train boring?  Then you should take a trip on the train that departs from Plaza de España daily heading to Sóller.  During your journey you may enjoy the abundance of flowers and orange groves enroute.

You will also pass through thirteen tunnels before finally arriving at the last stop:  Sóller.

Since 1912 this train has been making the trip to Soller and back.  Called “Red Lightning” the train needs one hour to cover the 27 kilometres to Sóller.  Obviously not a fast ride it allows the passengers to appreciate the scenery through which they pass.  It travels through some of the most beautiful landscapes of Mallorca, vistas are often framed between orange groves and lemon trees.

The final station is Sóller, where at one time the loading of oranges for transport to Palma was daily since from the turn of the 20th century the benefits of vitamin C were known. Demand for oranges was extremely high and for that reason the Mallorcans eagerly jumped into the orange export business.

On the 16th of April 1912 the train departed for the first time, like then as now,  it’s art nouveau station.  Since that initial trip it has not changed very much, only now the Red Lightning transports tourists instead of oranges.

Once a day the train makes a special stop for ten minutes at a platform overlooking the Sóller valley giving the passengers time to take pictures of an unforgettable view.