Wine route of Binissalem

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The region of Binissalem is one of the two wine-growing regions on Mallorca that can use a guarantee of origin on its labels, which (according to the state regulations) guarantees the quality.

Today, in total there are about 390 hectares of vine shoot being sown and  from the juice of these grapes 80% goes to red wine tinto and rosé wine rosado and only a 20% to white wine blanco.

The red wine must contain at least 50% of Majorcan grape “Manto Negro“. For white wine the Majorcan grape is called “Moll/Prensal Blanc“. It is very common to combine Majorcan grape with the French one Cabernet Sauvignon. Thanks to the efforts of the vineyard workers, the Majorcan wine is known worldwide. Several times the “Consell Regulador“ regulating board has granted it an excellent qualification and the Majorcan wineries are focused on quality more and more each day.

We are going to start now with the wine route of Binissalem and its most important wineries.

At the exit for Santa Maria, heading to Consell, is the vineyard Macià Batle”. Since 2000 the national guide “Gourmet” has qualified the wine “Macià Batle Blanc de Blancs” as one of the best wines in Spain. With its 13 degrees, this wine extracted from the island’s vine shoot “Prensal Blanc/Moll” has a fruity bouquet.

Next we move from Santa Maria to Santa Eugenia. At the entrance to the town we find the vineyard “Viña Taujana”. Here we suggest the “Negro” – black – or the “Moll”, a white classic wine. Do not forget also to taste the table wine that is served direct from the barrel.

We leave Santa Eugenia and move to Sencelles. In the rural way “Camí dels Horts” we visit the vineyard “Vins Ca Sa Padrina”. Here the “Manto Negro” is the only wine that is sold bottled.

“Ca’n Ramis” is another vineyard located in Sencelles, 50 meters from the church. The wine “Serral Ca’n Ramis” of 2001 is a strong wine that must be accompanied with some food. There is nothing better than tasting it in the restaurant located beside the cellar.

Between Sencelles and Binissalem, we can find the country estate “Son Roig”, property of the vintner “Antonio Nadal Ros”. Its wine “Tres Uvas”three grapes is made from casks of three wine stocks: “Manto Negro”, “Callet” and “Monastrell”, the typical wine of this region, through this we can appreciate the love that Don Antonio has for his grape “Manto Negro”.

We continue heading towards Binissalem, City of Wine, and once at the centre of the town we look for the street Ramon Llull, 2, where the vineyard “Vins Nadal” can be found. Here modern technology and the knowledge of hundreds, maybe thousands of years of wine-growing tradition come together. If we focus our attention on the red wine “Albaflor Crianza”, settled only for nine months, we can notice a well-balanced bouquet that invites us to continue tasting it. Similarly with the “Merlot 110,” which, apart from the grape “Manto Negro” also contains the French grape “Merlot”. It is reminiscent of forest fruits. In the old part of the vineyard it is interesting and worth a visit to the basement that was built with the typical Majorcan stone: sandstone.

At the Binissalem exit, heading to Consell, we find the most well-known representative of all the wines of Binissalem: the vineyard “José Luis Ferrer”. The reserves and aging of “Ferrer” are very good and well-known. The wines “Veritas” are classic and rich in bouquet, and in addition their cavas must be also be taken into account. Visiting this vineyard is an experience.

Finally we go into Consell to visit the vineyard of the Ribas´Sisters who are said to have the best wine stocks of Mallorca. The vineyard “Hereus de Ribas” is a typical Majorcan country estate from the 17th century. The wines “Ribas” have been among the best of Spain for many years and the “Ribas de Cabrera”, delicate and ruby red, is the best wine of this vineyard.

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